Pattern Testing and Sample Knitting 

Before a new knit or crochet pattern becomes publicly available, it goes through a few different processes to be sure it's as accurate and clear as possible.

Pattern testing is done by knitters and crocheters who follow the newly designed pattern to create the item.  The instructions need to be followed exactly so that the designer will know how well written the pattern is or if there are mistakes or gaps.  The pattern tester keeps their item, uses they own choice or yarn and color  

Sample knitting is making a sample of the final item after pattern testing so we can use it for marketing, trade shows, etc. The sample knitter is provided with the color and weight of yarn to be used to produce the sample and returns the finished sample to Southern Skeins. 


You do not need to be an expert knitter or have prior testing or sample knitting experience.  You do need a willingness to help ensure the best pattern possible. 

When a new pattern is ready an email will be sent to everyone on the email list.  We will be looking for testers of all sizes, heights, and sock sizes (who doesn’t love a new sock pattern!).  All the details (type of project, skills needed, color options, yarn options) for each pattern test will be in the email that is sent out.  


A timeline will be provided (larger sizes will be provided additional time if needed). Weekly progress updates (where are you in the pattern, a progress photo, and any questions/concerns) are needed by each Friday.

Accessory project tests generally run for about 2–4 weeks depending on their size and difficulty. Sweater and shawl pattern tests will usually run for 6-8 weeks.  

We will typically choose 3-4 testers for a simple pattern.  A size based pattern will have testers to cover each size.  For sample knitters we typically only need one or two per pattern. 

Sharing to Socials or Ravelry

Feel free to share your pattern testing progress on Ravelry and social media. We love seeing WIPs posted and so do other makers! It builds excitement for the pattern release. 

Testers will be required to link their test knitting with the pattern on Ravelry. Sample Knitters are not required to do so.


End Product  

For testing:
  • Weekly status updates (described above) including issues, clarifications needed, and an WIP photo, etc. 
  • Weekly social media posts of work in progress (if you have social media),
  • The project linked to your Ravelry account (if you have one).  
  • A finished social media worthy photo is required for testers. Photos submitted of you modeling the finished product is not required, but is encouraged.  Photos can also be done on flat lays with a white background by itself or in a staged lifestyle flat lay photo. Please make sure it is a well lit and on a white or natural background (not beige) or artistically staged on a mannequin, or a person’s body. 
Finished object photos using may be used for marketing purposes or in the pattern document itself. 

For Sample Makers:

An error free, blocked sample that is worthy of using in a show, shop, or marketing is required.  Once the sample is received, you’ll receive payment.


Yarn Used 

Since test knitters will keep the item they produce, test knitters may choose their preferred color and brand of yarn. Selection preference will be to testers who use Southern Skeins yarn. 

Sample knitters, will be returning the item to Southern Skeins and as such we will provide the yarn in addition to your payment.  Once you complete the project and return it you'll receive payment.  And we always cover shipping.  


Open Pattern Testing Calls

    1. Working title: Seafoam Stitch Sock
    2. Working title: Lily of the Valley Sock