Essential Knitting and Crochet Tools

Get ready to elevate your knitting and crochet game with our handpicked collection of must-have tools and accessories! These are the same trusty items I always keep in my knitting bag, and you can too.

Tools to Keep You on Track
Rulers & Tape Measures: Measure twice, knit once! Perfect for getting those dimensions just right.

Scissors: Sharp, precise, and oh-so-essential for snipping yarn and trimming loose ends.

Stitch Savers & Helpers
Stitch Markers: Keep track of your pattern without missing a beat. Colorful and fun to use!

Drop Stitch Tool: Never fear a dropped stitch again. This handy tool will save the day.

Knitting Needle Gauges: Make sure you're always working with the right size needles. No more guesswork!

Why you’ll love these tools - because they are so convenient, everything you kneed for a yarn emergency is right at your fingertips.  All products are made from high-quality materials that stand up to all your crafting adventures.

This collection is all about making your knitting and crochet experience smoother, easier, and a lot more fun. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these tools will become your new best friends. So grab your bag, pack it with these essentials, and get ready to create something amazing!

Tools and Accessories

Tassel Maker Keychain by Katrinkles


Acrylic Gauge Swatch Ruler by Katrinkles