Misty Morning Garden Party Sock Blank Collection
Misty Morning Garden Party Sock Blank Collection
Misty Morning Garden Party Sock Blank Collection
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    Misty Morning Garden Party Sock Blank Collection


    The Garden Party Collection

    Misty Morning - Imagine the tranquil hues of a misty garden sunrise, with soft blues and delicate grays that create a serene ambiance.

    Welcome to the time of year where the grass is green, the sun is out, the gardens are in full bloom and fragrant.  This is the time of year for garden parties, playing croquet, eating little finger sandwiches. and wearing outrageous hats (have I been watching too many historical shows???).

    I Invite you to the allure of hand-dyed sock blanks as you knit watch the pattern unwind each row of the blank. Enjoy seamless transitions, captivating gradients, or matched socks!  

    Each sock blank includes a free pattern choice of either 2x2 Feet Socks pattern by Madcow Mandy or The Peace and Waves cowl pattern by Meredith, A Lovely Blunder Knits.  Pics for both designs are shown in this listing. After you purchase I’ll send you an email asking which pattern you’d like, and I will then send it to you via Ravelry or e-mail (you choose). So be sure to include your Ravelry name in your reply.   

    Some of the blanks are a full gradient or fade end-to-end and some are “mirrored” so you can end up with two matching socks.  

    Check out my YouTube channel and watch me as I hand dye some of the yarn!

    Single Knit Sock Blank 

    75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon 

    4ply yarn

    463 yds/100g knitted blank