Egg Hunt - A Mystery Yarn Set

    Egg Hunt - A Mystery Yarn Set


    Ships March 15, 2024

    Introducing the Egg Hunt yarn collection – your daily dose of mystery and magic this spring season. Each day, unwrap a new hand dyed mini skein of yarn, each one a carefully guarded secret until the moment of revelation. Designed for yarnies and springtime dreamers alike, our collection promises to sprinkle a bit of enchantment into your crafting days.

    What's Inside:

    • 10 Individually Wrapped Mystery 20g Minis of sock weight yarn in a variety of colors on Southern Sock yarn base of 80% Superwash merino and 20% nylon, 90yds. (Though you may also find a surprise mini full of sparkle magic too tucked in there! ✨)
    • A treasure of a sock knitting pattern by Madcow Mandy perfect for this yarn mystery or any mini skein set! 
    • The perfect package to store your new yarn collection. 
    • A handmade stitch marker/progress keeper by Laura of Bronze Shepherd Studios. 

    Hidden within the Egg Hunt yarn collection are 10 individually wrapped skeins of squishy hand dyed yarn. Each package is a sealed surprise, waiting to be discovered. Will today bring a soft pastel, a vibrant speckle, or perhaps a gentle shimmer?

    A palate inspired by springtime. Drawing inspiration from the first blush of spring, each skein reflects the hues of blooming flowers, the pastel colors of dawn, and the vibrant tones of hidden Easter eggs. Our yarns are designed to bring the joy of the season to your knitting basket.

    An adventure in every skein.  Each colorway is chosen to surprise and delight you, making every day an adventure. As you unwrap your daily mini skein, you'll also discover knitting and crochet pattern suggestions tailored to this collection offering inspiration and excitement for your next project.

    Why Choose the Egg Hunt yarn collection?

    Exquisite Yarn. Each skein is lovingly hand-dyed in Florida, bringing you soft, sumptuous yarns that embody care and passion for the art.  

    Celebrate Spring. Embrace the renewal and joy of the spring season with a daily surprise that weaves a little magic into your crafting.

    Perfect for Gifting. Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, this box is a perfect gift, offering a unique unboxing experience that continues throughout the month.

    A Community Experience. Join our online community to share your daily discoveries, connect with fellow crafters, and see the beautiful creations that blossom from each skein.

    Embark on a yarn journey this spring with the Egg Hunt yarn collection. Let each day bring a new surprise, a splash of color, and a touch of magic to your knitting or crochet projects. Order now and start your own enchanted adventure.

    Due to the pre-order nature of the collection no cancelations or returns are accepted.  Shipping is included.  It will ship March 15, 2024.