Spring Fling 2021 “Advent Style” Mini Skein Set

This year I decided to begin offering quarterly mini skein kits much like what you’d find in a mini “Advent Box”.  
    My first quarterly box was “14 Days of Yarnie Love”. You can find a full reveal on my YouTube channel.  

    Spring Fling shipped May 15, 2021 and was my second quarterly box.  It contained 12 Mini Yarn Skeins of 20 grams each (92 yards per mini). 

    In addition we had some wonderful surprises tucked into the box including:

    A Needle Gauge from Katrinkles


    Artisan Glass Progress Keeper by Ann Tudor




      Handmade Notecard by Come Inspired on Etsy

        A full sized handmade wool wash + lanolin bar by McKeone Soapworks on Etsy





        Pompon Progress Keepers by Southern Skeins


          Other Goodies Included

          Mini scissors by Seki with a handmade silk tassel and leather sheath, a knitting die cut sticker, yarn journal, and handmade project bag was also included.   

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