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Welcome to a world where each stitch tells a story and every color sings a carol.  As the "advent holiday buying season" approaches, a unique creation awaits to transform your knitting or crochet ADVENTures into an enchanting tale. Imagine a hand dyed yarn advent calendar designed to find joy and peace in the hues of the yarn. 

This is not just any yarn advent, it's a carefully curated experience blending the warmth of the holiday season with the thrill of surprise and creativity.  Each day reveals a new treasure to delight and inspire you in the magic of handknit wonders.  

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Let's embark on this festive journey together, one day at a time, one surprise at a time. Embrace the anticipation. The countdown to magic, joy, and the pure bliss of unwrapping a new piece of your holiday crafting story starts now. 


Let's see what others shared about previous year's calendars (we don't want to spoil the surprise!)