Why Taking Your Time Matters

by Jenna Eddy on September 05, 2023
Hey there! Happy Tuesday! 

Today, let's chat about why taking your time is a game-changer in knitting. Trust me, it's not just about whipping up those stitches; it's about the journey and the therapeutic magic that happens when you slow down. 

Picture this: you're knitting a lacy scarf for a friend's birthday, and you're in a rush to finish it. You're speed-knitting like there's no tomorrow, dropping stitches left and right. The result? A lopsided, holey mess that's far from the beautiful scarf you envisioned (not like that’s ever happened to me… okay maybe once or twice!)
Now, how about this -  you sit down with your favorite cup of tea, soft yarn in hand, and take your time. You count stitches, follow patterns closely, and embrace the meditative rhythm of knitting. The end result? A treasure your friend will cherish forever. 
Taking your time in knitting is not about being slow; it's about being mindful. It's about finding your flow, focusing on each stitch, and relishing the process. This mindfulness not only improves the quality of your work but also benefits your mental well-being. Knitting becomes a form of meditation, reducing stress and boosting creativity.  To add to the meditative qualities I like to listen to some relaxing music while knitting.  Music with lyrics tends to be to distracting. 

Patience is the secret. If you hurry through a project you may need to redo it entirely. But when you slow down, every project becomes a work of art. 

So, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, remember that knitting is an art, not a race. Embrace the joy of taking your time, and watch your knitting skills soar to new heights. Happy knitting, my friends! 🧶✨- Jenna 
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