Tips and Tricks for Colorwork

Knitting Colorwork

There are a few different types of colorwork; Stranded, mosaic, and double knitting, with stranded being the most common. Stranded colorwork is created by caring 2 or more colors throughout a project creating floats.

Tips for stranded colorwork:

While knitting stranded colorwork it is important to keep your floats even, not to tight, and not to lose. To do this we have come up with 3 big tips to help.

1. When knitting colorwork in the round turn your work inside out. This causes your floats to be a little longer keeping them nice and even.
2. ALWAYS hold your main color in your non dominate knitting hand (i.e if you are a continental knitter, you will throw your main color instead.) and your contrast color in you dominate knitting hand. Also always holding both yarns and not dropping your yarn to switch between CC and MC. This will help you maintain gauge while knitting.
3. Catching your floats every 5-6 sts is important to help keep our floats from being to tight and it is recommended to always knit stranded colorwork on a 1 circular needle matching your project circumference but did you know that it’s completely possible to do it on DPNs or magic loop too? All you must do is make sure to catch your float on the last stitch before you switch needles. This insures you are not pulling your floats to tight.

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