Checking Your Pattern, it’s Worth the Glance

by Jenna Eddy on August 22, 2023
Hey y’all!  We all know how fun and relaxing knitting is and the sense of accomplishment we get by making something beautiful with our hands. But there's one thing that can sometimes cause a minor (or major) meltdown - losing track of our knitting pattern. And believe me, I’ve done it in spades! 

Picture this - you're knitting a big crazy shawl pattern from your favorite designer and you look down at your knitting (finally took your eyes off the latest Outlander episode that is) and you realize you've messed up. Frustrating a little, right?!?! 

That's why it's absolutely important to look down and check your knitting frequently to make sure you're following the pattern. By  looking at your pattern often you can catch any mistakes early on and save yourself from a whole lot of unraveling later. Trust me, nobody wants to painstakingly undo hours of work! Not that that’s EVER happened to me (okay, so guilty as charged!).
So, how often should you check? Well, it depends on the complexity of your pattern and your comfort level. For simple projects, maybe every few rows will do. But for those trickier projects, it's best to glance at your pattern after every single row or round. And remember, there's no shame in using a sticky note or a knitting app to mark your progress and keep your place.

In the last few blog posts we’ve talked about using stitch markers and other tips to keep you on track. If you missed those, you can find them on the blog. 

Here's another tip - use a progress keeper to mark where you left off the last time you checked your work. It's like dropping breadcrumbs along the way, ensuring you can always find your path back. And don't be afraid drop in a lifeline (come back for next week’s knitting blog post for more on lifelines). 

So, my yarnie friends, take a moment to check that pattern. It's like having a knitting guardian angel, ensuring that your stitches stay true and your end result is nothing short of fabulous. Happy knitting! 🧶 - Jenna 
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