Are you stretching when knitting?

by Jenna Eddy on April 24, 2023

Hey there Yarnie friends!

We all know how relaxing and satisfying it can be to pick up our knitting needles and start creating something beautiful. However, it's important to remember that knitting can also put a lot of strain on our hands and wrists. That's why it's essential to take breaks and stretch to keep our hands from getting all sore.

When we knit for long periods of time without taking breaks, we risk developing conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and repetitive strain injuries which can be painful and long-lasting, making it difficult to continue doing the knitting we love.

So, what can we do to prevent these injuries? First and foremost, we need to take breaks frequently. Get up, move around, and stretch your hands and wrists every 30 minutes or so. A couple of my favorite hand stretches are simple like making a fist and then opening your hand wide, or gently bending your wrist up and down.

It's better to take a few minutes to stretch and rest now than to suffer from a sore hands later that night.

Remember, knitting is a fun and relaxing hobby, but it's also important to take care of our hands while we do it. So take those breaks, stretch, and keep those hands healthy so you can knit ALL THE THINGS!

PS this is not medical advice. (Disclaimer)

- Happy Yarning! Jenna 

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