Knit Stitch Tees Monthly Subscription T-Shirt Club

 Knit Stitch Tee's Monthly T-shirt Club Subscription

Knit Stitch Tees Monthly T-Shirt Subscription! Do you love knitting? Do you love super soft t-shirts? Then you'll love the Knit Stitch Tees T-Shirt Club!

The Knit Stitch Tees T-Shirt Club is a monthly t-shirt subscription of handpicked, super soft tees all designed by Jenna! Our t-shirts feature super soft fabrics, unique designs, fun colors and a comfortable fit.

We only print these tee shirts for our Knit Stitch Tees T-Shirt Club subscription members so you won't find these anywhere else in our shop!

You will be able to select sizes up to 3X.

The t-shirts will coordinate with the theme of the monthly yarn subscription boxes.


Join the waitlist today to be first on the list when we open the doors to sign up for the t-shirt club!