Farmstead Farm to Needles Yarn Mystery Box

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Yarn, Straight From the Farm!

There was a nothing like springtime (yes, it’s now Summer) at the Home Field Advantage Farmstead. Baby animals being born plus it’s shearing time! It was time to give the herd a “hair cut”, clean the fiber, and get it spun into lofty wonderful yarn! Don’t miss out to get your mystery box of straight from the farm yarn!

Have you ever wondered where your yarn comes from? I mean which farm? Which animal? How are the animals treated? Well, with our mystery boxes you'll know just that! Yarn that can trace its beginning to the animal at Home Field Advantage Farmstead, is that what you've been wanting?

Mystery boxes will include wonderful straight from the farm yarn, info on the animal(s) whose fleece went into your yarn, and other farm goodies! By the way, the shipping is on the house! :)

How about a variety of combinations of Suri Alpaca, Huacaya Alpaca, Gulf Coast Native Sheep, Merino Sheep, and Sari Silk to melt your heart! Non-superwash, eco-friendly, sustainable. rustic, lofty, spun yarn!

Check out some pictures from my friends’ (Bart and Jennifer) farm called Home Field Advantage Farmstead and all their wonderful herd! Stop by if you are in north Florida, they love meeting other fiber enthusiasts. Ask Jennifer to show you her antique spinning wheel, chat with Bart about the farmstead Scout adventure and glamping with the alpacas, and take a tour of the farm and get to meet these amazing animals yourself.

The herd only gets their “hair cuts” once a year so when this yarn is gone, it’s gone until 2023!

⭐️ When they are gone, they are gone.

⭐️No coupons / discounts allowed.  

⭐️No gift wrapping or ball winding services available.  

⭐️Feel free to message me if there is something in particular you might like to see in your box.  

⭐️This is a mystery box, so If you are not okay with a surprise, please don’t order.  No refunds or exchanges allowed.